Top 10 Best Dog Crate Water Bottle Reviews

The next thing to do after purchasing a dog crate is looking for the best water bottle you can buy your pet.




Here’s the deal: When you travel with your pooch or leave him at home, he needs constant access to fresh purified water. That’s why you need to invest in the top rated bottles on the market today which are designed for this exact purpose.




The following list contains our favorite picks of  2022 that will keep Fido hydrated wherever you go!


Top 10 Best Dog Crate Water Bottle Reviews


1) K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Deluxe Pet Bowl


This first one might come as a bit of surprise given it has no lid and is not made specifically for crates but its ability to heat up makes it the best option by far for this list. We love that it can transform into a self-warming bowl whenever the need arises. The heat coming from the product is gentle enough to not burn your dog’s tongue yet effective enough to serve as an ideal travel water container. Let’s be real, most of Fido’s dishes are also used as their food bowls anyway! If you want something with a little more traditional design and functionality, check out our article on the top rated stainless steel options available today .




2) AmazonBasics Pet Travel Water Bottle


And if you’re looking for one of the most reliable products available at an affordable price then look no further than Amazon’s own basic pick which comes in three different sizes1 quart, 2 quarts, and 3.5 quarts! They are all made from BPA free plastic, come with a threaded top that’s leak proof, and include a removable carrying strap for easy portability while traveling. Amazon currently has this product marked down to an even better price than shown below so if you’re looking for something affordable make sure to check them out today ! 1 Quart 2 Quarts 3.5 Quarts Pro Tip: The water bottle also makes the perfect bed-side companion when used in combination with Amazon’s self-warming pet pad .




3) K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Crate Mat


If your dog is anything like mine then they will love nothing more than snuggling up against the collapsible mat on those cold winter nights or chilly fall days. It’s made from heavy-duty polyester and comes with a removable plush top that can be used as an additional bed or just as a lighter option for the warmer months. This is great to use in crates where there’s no water bottle holder because it warms up on contact with your dog5 minutes of physical contact equals 20 minutes of warmth! If you’re looking for a more traditional design, check out our full list of best crate mats .




4) Kurgo Baxter Water Bottle Holder


One common complaint we hear from new customers is that they don’t feel their choice of bowl holds enough water for their pet. With this specific product from Kurgo , you won’t have to worry about that anymore! It fits up to 2 quarts of water which is perfect for those longer trips where your pup might need more hydration. It also doubles as a harness attachment for walking and comes with a large exterior pocket that can store food or other items you might need on hand. There are several color options available today but our personal favorite goes to the classic red design .


Pro Tip: If you’re looking to save some money, check out their original pick which has all the same features minus the storage pocket!


5) Casual Home Self-Warming Ceramic Bowl


This next one is great if your dog prefers drinking from bowls instead of bottles since it’s made by Casual Home , who’s known for making some of the best pet products around. They have over 20 different colors and designs available so there’s something for every dog out there. The bowl is made from ceramic which is both easy to clean and long lasting. The “self-warming” feature is triggered by the slightest contact with your pup’s tongue5 minutes of physical contact equals 20 minutes of warmth! There are two sizes available today, 5 ounces for smaller breeds or puppies, and 10 ounces for larger dogs that love to drink more water throughout the day.




6) H2O 4 Pets Drinking Fountain


If you’re struggling with keeping your pet hydrated then look no further than this innovative product which essentially turns any water bottle into a drinking fountain . It features an adjustable flow control knob in order to fit any standard size water or soda bottle and has two different sized tubes included which can fit 16 ounce bottles or 32 ounce bottles. This product is great for the times when you’re out camping and don’t have access to running water5 minutes of physical contact equals 20 minutes of warmth! There are also several color options available right now but our favorite one probably goes to the classic black .


7) Furhaven Pet Water Bottle



If you’re looking for an option that’s a little bit different then this next pick from Furhaven might be exactly what you’ve been searching for. They are made from stainless steel, come with leak proof silicone tops, and they hold up to 12 ounces of water at a time. You can get them in three different colors including blue, grey, or purple and each one comes with a matching straw that’s great for puppies or smaller breeds. This is an excellent option to use in crates since it holds enough water, you’ll never have to refill it, plus the top screws on so your pup won’t be able to knock it over if they are being rambunctious while trying to get some water.



8) Kibble Nibble Food Feeder


If your dog is having problems eating on their own then you need our next pick immediately! It’s called the kibble niblet because all you have to do is fill up the bottom reservoir with dry kibble, insert the bottles inside of the holder, screw tightly onto any standard size water, and voila…an automatic food feeder that makes it much easier for your pet to digest their food! It features a grip design on the bottom so you never have to worry about it sliding all over the place, plus there’s also an anti-slip pad built into the top which is great for when you’re wanting dry kibble. There are three different sizes available today but our personal favorite has got to be the 8 ounce option .


Pro Tip: If you’ve actually tried everything else and still can’t get them to eat, try adding some warm water or broth which should help create more of a soup consistency!


9) Majestic Pets Self Filling Pet Bowl


This next one is perfect if you live in an apartment or small space since it doesn’t require a leash, it’s super compact, and the water automatically refills itself whenever your pup starts drinking from it. The bowl is pretty deep which makes it perfect for dogs that like to drink a lot of fluid throughout the day. It holds up to 4 quarts of water which means you only have to fill it once every 5 days! They come in five different color options right now including black, green, tan, violet, or powder blue .




Pro Tip: If you want something even bigger then check out their regular size option , but be aware that the larger version requires a hose adapter if you plan on using it with a standard garden hose. There are several different “add-ons” available if you need more storage space.


10) WOpet Dog Bowl/Cage Bottle


This is a great option for those who have multiple pets and don’t want to deal with constantly refilling water bottles. It’s made from food grade silicone which is both BPA free and non-toxic, plus you can use it as either a bowl or bottle depending on your needs. You can pick up these water dispensers in four different sizes and there are three different styles available including “carbon black”, “red rose”, and “royal blue”.




Pro Tip: Due to the design this product doesn’t work well with screw on tops so we recommend sticking with straws instead! If you’re interested in seeing products like this then check out our article on the best automatic dog feeders .


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