Is Macbook Air Good For Music Production

 Is Macbook Air Good For Music Production (Expert Opinion)




MacBook Air’s are the new craze in the laptop industry. A month ago I was watching Steve Job’s announcement of the New Macbook Air and almost every one of my musician friends started to talk about how they were going to buy one, despite them not coming out until November (I’m writing this in early August). So I figured it would be best to give you guys my opinion on whether or not they are good for music production.


For starters, the Macbook Air is a very thin laptop that comes in 11inch and 13inch versions. The processor used in both models is the intel core i5, clocked at 1.6ghz which can go up to 2.7ghz with turbo boost. This is accompanied by 4gigs of ram, an Intel HD graphics processor, and 128GB SSDs (solid-state drives). The 11inch model starts at $999 whereas the 13inch model starts at $1,299.


For music production purposes you are probably thinking that spending all this money on these specs is not worth it right? Now it’s your turn to share your ideas on the subject.


In terms of power, both models have a mobile version of the Intel i5 processor from the 2nd generation. All this basically means is that they don’t have VT which allows virtualization and doesn’t support hyperthreading. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what both of those do, but the thing is that it doesn’t make a big difference – at least not in audio production.


The reason I say this is because professional-grade audio interfaces all come with their own ASIO drivers and they don’t depend on anything in particular in terms of hardware. So for music production purposes, the Core i5 processor works beautifully. Also, the fact that it comes with a 128GB SSD allows you to use your computer without any drives, which is extremely nice because I hate having drives attached to my computers for music production purposes.


The one thing I was shocked about though was the fact that they didn’t include an ethernet port in both models. In this day and age and especially for something as portable as the Macbook Air to not include an ethernet port is a big no-no in my book. I’m guessing they did this so that their laptops could be even thinner than they already are, but having to use USB adapters (which aren’t very fast at all) every time you need to be on ethernet is very inconvenient.


The lack of an ethernet port isn’t the only downside, another thing that comes to mind is heat dissipation. The Macbook Air has large vents at the bottom which makes it very difficult for it to dissipate heat. This means that you can do things like rendering videos or playing games on it with no problems, but in audio production, you will be very limited.


I would say that the Macbook Air is fine for light home use, but when you really want to get some serious work done with it out in the field (for example at your friend’s house where he has a nice interface), then you are going to get disappointed. The fan in the Macbook Air is also very loud when it comes to running programs like Ableton, Reason, or FL studio.


So in conclusion I would say that you should not rush out and buy a MacBook air if you are serious about music production. They are extremely nice for on-the-go use on your couch or top of your desk, but for anything more than that you are going to get frustrated.


That’s all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any questions or opinions then feel free to comment below.

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