How To Choose Best Dog Bed for Yorkie


Dog owners,

beware of the severe consequences of leaving your dog cooped up in a small space for hours at end. Dogs are intelligent creatures that crave attention and need exercise like us humans do. When confined to their own four walls, they can become depressed, unhappy, and even aggressive due to loneliness. Also left unattended for too long, their muscles can become tight and stressed which can lead to soreness after they are free to run about.


Getting a crate for your pooch will solve the problems of them being lonely or having cramped muscles because it is like a home away from home for dogs where they are allowed to be themselves. Crates are designed in such a way where it allows dogs to have a place of their own while still having enough room to stretch out and move around.


To make the crate more comfortable for your dog, you can add an extra layer of bedding or padding on top of the flooring. You can use old towels but make sure that they are free from mites and allergens first. Depending on the size of your canine friend, a large blanket will do as well as a smaller one.


Covering an old towel with another material like fleece is advisable to keep it cozy and warm for your pooch even when the weather is still cold outside. If you intend to make use of an old pillow or cushion, make sure that it is made of cotton and has a zipper at the back. This will prevent your dog from getting its paws caught in the stitching, something that can become very dangerous for man’s best friend.


For smaller dogs, try putting a blanket between two pieces of sturdy material like denim or corduroy. Sew a few horizontal lines along the two pieces of fabric, leaving enough space to insert a pillow. Cover it with a blanket and you can be assured that your hound will stay snuggly even if the temperature dips low at night.


Why you should get a dog bed for your pooch


As mentioned earlier, dogs can get depressed when they are left indoors for too long. A crate is the best place for your dog because it gives them their own personal space to cuddle up in while still being allowed to relax and run around at the same time.


If you have other pets at home like cats, having a place for your dog to rest can give it a safe haven away from them. Otherwise, you might be surprised at the damage that they can do when left unsupervised.


If you are planning to leave your pooch alone in your house for hours on end, it is best if you get a crate or use an old drawer with padding underneath. This way, your dog will not end up injuring itself on sharp objects around the house.


Dogs are intelligent creatures with emotions just like us. They can become lonely if they are not given enough attention so it is best to build a rapport with them early on in life by giving it love, cuddles, and plenty of toys. Crate training is the easiest way to teach your dog how to behave when you are not around.


A bed will make them feel at home and they will want to spend more time in the crate because of the extra comfort it brings. This practice works especially well with puppies that are still learning how to control their bladders and bowels.


Types of beds and why they’re good for your dog


There are many types of dog beds available in the market and choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. The best advice that we can give you is to go for something that will be able to provide both comfort and function for your pet.


A water-resistant bed is best if you have a canine buddy that loves the outdoors as it is able to withstand the elements. You can also get a waterproof bed for inside the house or in your dog’s crate if you know that it tends to drool while sleeping.


We all love our pets but they tend to shed a lot of fur during shedding season. This is something that happens every year and your dog will need a special place to rest so it does not get hair everywhere else. An anti-allergen bed with high-quality material is great for this situation as it will filter your dog’s dander before being spread all over the house.


If you have a small breed of dog, try using a low-profile bed that can fit inside its crate. This will give them a cozy and comfortable place to sleep and it also prevents them from jumping over the edges, which could lead to injury.


How to find the right size for your pet


It is very important that you measure your dog accurately before buying a bed. Make sure that you have its measurements as it will make the process of choosing the right size for them much easier.


The best way to measure your pet is by using a flexible measuring tape and measuring from the shoulders to the base of the tail. Also, check if your dog has a thick coat as it will add an inch or two to the length of their body. Once you have gathered all of these numbers, check out our comprehensive list below and we bet you’ll be able to find something for your pet with ease.


Where to buy a new bed


You can buy dog beds in your local pet store or you can also check out various online stores that offer discounts and singe-item promos. If you like, you can even go with sites like Amazon for hassle-free shopping as you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home.


How to find the best deals on dog beds


There are several ways that you can save money while buying a new bed for your canine. First off, check out the various promos and coupons on our site to get up to 15% off your purchase total. You can also try looking for discounts or buy-one-get-one promos at different stores because some companies really like to reward their customers for coming back. Another good idea is to subscribe to various mailing lists because some stores offer exclusive deals through email.


Keep in mind, though, that it is not a wise choice to base your entire decision on the price tag because you might end up with a low-quality product that will not be able to stand the test of time.


Let your dog rest in comfort with these beds


If you are looking for a good bed to buy for your canine, check out our list below based on size. We have also mentioned the material used so you can gauge whether it will be able to withstand rough playtime sessions with your pet or not. If you have any questions regarding our products, feel free to drop us a line and we will be more than happy to help.


X-Small Dog Beds


Our list starts off with beds that are suitable for the tiniest breeds out there. Most of these wonderful choices can hold up to 10 lbs or less so it is best that you measure your pooch before getting one.


The Grreat Choice Extra Small Dog Bed is ideal for Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzers and Chihuahuas. It has a foam base that will keep them warm while the polyester cover offers comfortable support.


Another great option is the Pet Dreams Ultralight Nesting Dog Bed for Pets as it comes with a removable and washable cover. Even if your pet is very particular about its sleeping place, this bed will not be affected as it has a waterproof base that prevents tear and wear due to scratching.


The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge (Small) is made from coconut husk and recycled plastic and it is very easy to clean. It is able to support dogs under 20 lbs and can be used as an orthopedic bed, especially if you have a larger doggie.


Medium Dog Beds


If your favorite pet weighs up to 30 pounds, these dog beds will suit them well as they are made from high-quality foam that can hold heavy weights.


The K&H Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed is popular among dog owners because it can easily be folded for storage inside the house or brought along when travelling. This product also comes with a non-slip bottom to prevent sliding on smooth surfaces and it has a removable cover.


Another great bed is the Orthopedic 4″ Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover by K&H. In addition to its removable and washable cover, it also has a non-slip bottom for added convenience while your canine is lounging around.


Large Dog Beds


For dogs that weigh up to 50 lbs, the Solvit Tagalong Medium Pet Stairs can be very helpful especially for senior dogs. This product is made from polypropylene, which means it is lightweight and does not absorb pet odors or drool. It also comes with rubber grippers on the bottom to prevent sliding.


Another interesting product is the Bergan Dog Bed (Extra Large). It has a waterproof base so it can be easily wiped clean while the raised edges prevent liquids from spilling onto the floor or your bed.


X-Large Dog Beds


To accommodate large dogs, you should get products that are 6 inches thick at least to make sure that they will not feel the hard floor. These pet beds are also great for senior pets because they provide extra support and comfort.


One excellent example is the Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Pets. It has a patented foam technology that offers firm support while still being comfortable to your pooch’s joints and muscles. With this bed, you will definitely have an easier time bringing your pet around because it can be easily washed.


Another interesting pick is the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats, which can be used indoors and outdoors. It has a metal frame that supports the cover which comes in different colors and sizes. Plus, it is made from fabric that can repel fleas and ticks so you do not have to worry about your pet getting bitten.


Dog Bed Features


Aside from the size, you should also choose pet beds that come with removable covers and can be washed easily. You might also want to check if there are any materials that can repel fleas or ticks so your canine will not get sick.


If you have a large dog, you need to place the pet bed somewhere that is elevated. This makes it easier to get in and out of the bed without hurting his joints, especially if he has arthritis or other age-related conditions.


For small dogs, you can choose low-profile beds that are made from foam because they are light yet supportive. If your pooch often sleeps at your side, the Solvit Pet Gear’s Sleep ‘N Place Microfleece Couch can be a good choice. It has a high back that separates it from your own bed, while still providing extra comfort for both you and your pet.


Washing Instructions


When it comes to cleaning, choose dog beds that are easy to wash. For instance, the Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed can be cleaned very easily with a vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile, the Bergan Dog Bed comes in 2 pieces so you can take off the base and wash it separately from the top.


You also need to check if there are any hidden zippers that your canine might get caught on, which can be very dangerous.




We hopeĀ  we helped you choose the best dog bed for yorkies. For more reviews and information about pet beds, visit our Dog Beds page.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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