Can ingredients in mashed potatoes can be harmful to cats??

You might be surprised to learn that cats can eat mashed potatoes! Potatoes, in general and especially those who are boiled or French-Fried contain a lot of vitamins which they get from the nutrients within them. They also offer up quite an extensive list for your pet’s nutritional needs like carbohydrates (essential). Cats need vegetable products as well so I wouldn’t say no if you were thinking about serving these up with dinner tonight – just watch out for any hidden treats on top because it sounds likes there could easily enough terms “hidden” & “treats” in the same sentence.


Kittens can eat potatoes as well but not those who are raw as they contain a poisonous substance known as solanine, which is very toxic to them and just about any other animal or human that eats potatoes. Try to avoid giving your kitten Mashed Potatoes because of this reason.


Cats are carnivores so potatoes really aren’t on their list of things they can eat on a daily basis. I have to tell you, I’ve never tried mashed potato with my cat so I don’t know how she would react but if you are ever in the mood – go ahead and check it out yourself just to see what happens.


You should let your kittens have it as well but be very careful. If you have a tiny kitten under the age of 12 weeks, they shouldn’t eat any potatoes because their digestive system isn’t fully developed yet and they can’t digest them – which is not good at all for them.


You may also want to avoid giving your kitten spuds if he or she is under the age of 8 weeks because it could cause diarrhea, which is never a good thing for a tiny kitty to have.


The potatoes that you buy at the store are fine though and even those who are microwaved – as long as they aren’t instant potatoes. The difference here comes down to whether or not there were any extra ingredients added in when they were prepared and if you didn’t add anything in yourself.


When it comes to potatoes, I wouldn’t let them have any, even raw ones because they are not good for them – no matter what anyone tells you. You can always try giving your cat a small bite though just to see how he or she reacts to it but if you have a tiny kitten at home who is under the age of 12 weeks, let them get to enjoy it when they get older.


You should keep in mind that cats love treats We all know how much cats love their treats and one thing that I always stress on here is making sure that if you are going to be feeding your cat anything, make sure you check the label to see what it contains first. This is a good rule of thumb for anything that has been cooked or made in a way where they can put extra ingredients into it, making them even healthier for your pets to eat.


The ingredients in mashed potatoes can be harmful to cats


The ingredients in mashed potatoes can be harmful to cats so keep that in mind before you decide to let them eat it. most recipes will have butter added into the mix along with milk and sometimes – salt, which is not ok for cats at all.


Spuds are just another one of those foods that are best left alone unless your cat loves them – then by all means go ahead and give him


Mashed potatoes are high in carbohydrates and protein, which cats don’t need. Potatoes aren’t really a healthy food to give your cat and it is best if you feed them something else that is more nutritious like meat or fish.


Cats need animal protein in their diet, not vegetable products such as potatoes. There are many other foods that offer up the nutrients they need without adding anything bad into their diets.




Cats should have a diet that consists of around 70% meat or fish and 30% vegetables. I would recommend not serving any potatoes unless they are cooked, cut up very small and served with something else healthy for your cat to eat.


Possible symptoms of poisoning in cats from eating potatoes


There are many other foods that can cause health problems for cats, potatoes being one of them. If you give your cat a handful of mashed or baked potatoes then they are likely to get sick with symptoms that include the following:


·          Diarrhea


·          Lethargy


·          Decreased appetite


It is possible that some other health problems can arise but these are the most common symptoms that can occur. If your cat starts to show any of the symptoms listed above, you should take them to see a vet as soon as possible because they could be seriously ill.


You may want to try giving your cat bits of boiled or microwaved potatoes in small amounts when they get older – just make sure they don’t have any added ingredients in them and that is really all you can do.


Cats love a lot of things that we humans eat but the majority of the time, these foods are poisonous for them so if you have a cat at home – be careful when cooking with potatoes! I know my cats will sit right beside me when I am cooking their meals but they are smart enough to know the difference between what is good for them and what isn’t.


The biggest problem with potatoes is that they contain solanine, which is a glycoalkaloid poison. If you feed your cat too many potatoes or any food that contains solanine at all then it can cause symptoms of central nervous system disorders, as well as gastrointestinal problems.


Mashed potatoes contain a lot of salt, which is not good for your cat’s health


Give your cat a balanced diet of meat and vegetables to avoid these problems. If you do feel like giving them a treat or a bit of variety in their meals, try going for healthier options such as boiled chicken, tuna fish or even some cooked beef, lamb or venison.


One of my favorite brands here is the Drs. Foster and Smith Feline Greenies treats because not only are they all natural, but they have added vitamins and minerals to keep your pets healthy.


Chicken is a great source of protein so if you decide to give them some chicken or something else that isn’t mashed potatoes, then I am sure they will love it just as much! Enjoy cooking for your cats if you want to but remember not everything they eat has to be good for them so feed them the things that are healthy and avoid those high carb treats.


Cats diet should always consist of meat, fish and vegetables – not potatoes! I hope you enjoyed this article on what can happen if your cat eats mashed potatoes, thank you for reading.


Stay safe this Easter!

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